Andrej Bosanac

Software Developer

Welcome to my personal website! Here, you'll find information about me, my background, and my interests. I'm excited to share my experiences and connect with like-minded individuals. Thanks for visiting!

About Me

I graduated from California State University Long Beach with a bachelor's in Management Information Systems. For four years, I was a student-athlete studying full time while competing at the highest level (Division I Water Polo).

I had passion for technology since young age. I enjoyed taking computers apart and exploring functionalities of the operating system. Now I spend my time writing software for data analysis, automation, robotics and front-end.

When the Wi-Fi is not working, I enjoy rock climbing, volleyball, baking and playing board games with friends.


Below you can find several side projects that I have been working on. Some of them are completed, others are still work in progress, so make sure to check back later!

COMING SOON - Figuring out the best way to host them at the moment

Machine Learning Data Analyses

  • Developed a Support Vector Machine that predicts insurance expenses for an insurance agency
  • Implemented Association Rule Mining algorithm to discover patterns in Walmart customers purchases
  • Trained Neural Network model that predicts whether a person in SF area rides a train or not with 90% accuracy

Web Scraper

  • Created a Python script that checks whether a product is in stock
  • Used Twilio service to send a text message whenever the product is in stock
  • The script is running as a Cron job on a Linux machine at 5 minute intervals

Online Store

  • Developed a web application using JavaScript with React as the front-end
  • Implemented user authentication and integrated Stripe payment processing
  • Created sorting, filtering, and cart functionalities
  • Deployed web application on AWS cloud service